Monday, June 18, 2007

Puppets- Why Not?

So sometimes I think it's necessary to grab some miscellaneous material , maybe a sock, some buttons, or fur and see what happens.

This was my first puppet-- constructed in Fall 06. I call him Bas Kin Robbins. He grew out of the melted ice cream mess on the floor of Baskin Robbins. All 31 ice cream flavors melted together, he has a bit of a lisp and tries to act smarter than he really is. He blatantly refuses to consume ice cream for some unknown reason. Despite his questionable background and upbringing he has risen to become quite a star among sock puppets. In one production he played the role of an "overgrown alligator" and threatened the livelihood of a man and a sleeping baby to the cheers of a loving audience of second graders.

Next is The Pirate... Originally, this trouser sock, soft-sculpted rod puppet, was to be a friendly Ghanaian, but greed and the love of treasure transformed him into the pirate he is today. He is proud of his lovely, authentic, hand-stitched, leather pirate boots and his coat hanger hook. Sadly, his pride has been the cause of many scuffles and the rod of his hook arm is broken and he lost his Capt'n hat. Now he only grumbles and angrily shouts pirate profanities.

Lastly, for today, there is Ralph RacoIn. This cute little muppet loves to play with children, especially babies, when they aren't too afraid to look at him. He is clueless as to the cause of their fear. He is the youngest of the 15 racoons in the RacoIn family. Raised in a Mansion house in Georgia he is a true southern gentlemen with the best of manners, and upmost respect for all women. When he played the role of the Big Bad Wolf in Little Red Riding Hood, he remained his proper, dignified self, even bowing and presenting flowers to Little Red and her Grandma. Yet, they remained afraid and shunned him-- possibly because of his ease and smoothness in conversation. He is often misconceived as a sly trickster, when all he really wants is to be polite and have friends.


Il Bello said...

nice work emmalee. Those puppets are amazing!

Ken Chandler said...

These characters are amazing Emmalee! I didn't know you were into sock puppets or puppets at all. Your characters are a lot of fun. Glad to know that you've got a blog, I'll be sure to add it to my blog links list. Fun stuff! Hope to see more in the future.

Kate Cummings said...

Great raccoon. Fun Stuff!