Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Works in Progress

So there I was lying wide awake in bed. I'm usually asleep by now--- but curiously I feel like Hammy on "Over the Hedge"--- way to much energy........ ... ... ... so I thought I post some stuff I've been workin on.

1st Work in Progress- Holiness to the Lord
This painting depicts pioneer Joseph William Billy Johnson in front of the Accra Ghana Temple. It's 30"x40" and taken about 2 weeks to paint thus far. Pretty much he is one of the most amazing men I've ever met. Around him humility, gratitude, faith, and love are not just nice ideas they are tangible and flow out of his being. What I mean is I felt all those things when I met him. I've spent the last year pondering why and how he is who he is and how I can become like that. My conclusion: When one sacrifices and consecrates his whole life to the Lord the result is a person who not only teaches of Christ- but emulates him.

2nd Work in Progress- A Boat to Narnia or Prydain?

So this little ship began as some doodles one Friday night and a life-long dream of being a wood carver. I love wood, it smells nice. It's 2" high , 4" long, and 1.5" wide. This is only a scale model- the real thing is a small vessel with a crew of ten men and possibly a couple passengers. It is swift and is great at manuevering on the ocean, sea, or even wide rivers. Originally, I thought this would be a fast and fun thing to work on during movies, family functions, and when I'm taking a break from painting, but I soon discovered this wood is not Balsa wood-- as I originally thought--- and when blisters pop they are painful. Next time I'll be sure and get some balsa wood... On second thought... maybe I should stick to painting :)

3rd Work in Progress- A What?
This cute sea monster began as an abstract form that somehow acquired teeth and eyes. My sister says he's scary- but I disagree. He's cute (maybe not cute and cuddly). C'mon he doesn't have sharp teeth- they're like the teeth (Baleen?) a Humpback Whale has-- so he only eats plankton- not people. He's from the prehistoric days- possibly Jurassic Period- scientists are still unsure. (It's difficult to give more exact estimate when all they found was this head mounted on a cave wall in Antarctica. Amazing what a little global warming and melting ice caps reveal). I imagine the rest of his body with flippers similar to a sea turtle--- but probably won't have a shell. Seems like a shell would've been lying somewhere around the cave too, but it's been millions of years so your guess is as good as mine. What do you think?


Kate Cummings said...

Hey Emmalee! I LOVE your painting. It's looking beautiful. You should enter it into the annual church art museum competition. You can download the application of the internet. A painting as awesome as that needs to be seen!

Emmalee said...

Thanx Kate- I'm planning on it. Gotta finish it first

Meridth Gimbel said...

You're Ghana painting makes me want to weep it's so good. I love love love it.

Ken Chandler said...

Emmalee you've been very busy. I love your "Holiness to the Lord" painting. You're style is really evolving beautifully! So so nice!

Jay said...

Emmalee- Haven't seen or heard of you in a few years. Glad to stumble upon your blog. I absolutely love the painting of JWB Johnson. Awesome. Has a great feel to it already. Keep up the good work.