Monday, May 19, 2008

Peter Pan Murals

These are a couple Peter Pan murals I just finished for Fieldstone homes in their Magna UT model homes. The first is a Captain Hook scene. And the second is the Mermaid Lagoon. Both were very fun to draw and paint. Including preliminary sketch time, it took me about 9 days to complete both of these murals.


Emmalee Glauser Powell


Julie said...

These are seriously AWESOME Greeni! I can't believe you can do that! If I'm ever in need of a mural, I'll for sure be giving you a call!

Cricket :)

Thelissa said...

I think my favorite is that last one with the crib by the tree and water and all. So cool. You are so talented!

John, Rachael, Gavin, & Keaton said...

That Mural rocks! Makes me want to think up new themes for the boys rooms so you can come paint something cool.

Emmalee said...

Thanx all!

debbie said...

Hey you need to give me the addy of these homes i want to go and see them so i can see your work. lol