Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Publicity Links

This is a list of links of articles and interviews that I'm aware of. Click on any of the links below to view them.

BYU Magazine: Spring 2008

BYU NewsNet, May 2 2008

BYU Weekly Interview, Nov 2007: Video Interview

Daily Universe: Newspaper Article. Oct 9, 2007

Department of Visual Arts News, Fall 2006
Mentored Learning in Ghana


debbie said...

It was so funny how i found that out. We had just had the mail delivered at work and i was taking it around to the doctors. One of them asked me about your upcomming wedding and i started bragging about how great an artist you were and as i was talking i had the mag in my hand and yes it fell open to the article, Lol. So i was able to back up my bragging and prove how wonderful an artist you are. lol.

Thelissa said...

I grabbed it and showed my mom too. Love your art work. You are so talented!