Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Now in the July 2009 Ensign and Liahona

This painting and three others can be found in July 2009 Ensign and Liahona in the article called Saints in Ghana.
If you are interested in canvas prints of these or any of my other art pieces email me.

Thank you
Emmalee Powell


Ralph & Debbie said...

There beauiful. I should get one of your pictures for my living room. Ive have to talk to you about it.

annie said...

I saw your paintings in the Ensign! You are amazing. Congratulations!

chris m. said...

VERY nice!
I work for Covenant Communications, and I am wondering if you have any paintings completed of Mothers... or babies. We are working on a book and looking for some new art that we haven't used before. If you do will you please email me at christinaa@covenant-lds.com